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WELCOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Filthy stink-humans, to the Invader Zim fanlisting.

Join this horrible fanlisting, or I'll be forced MY EGGS IN YOUR STOMACH! I'll do it! OH, yes, and please sign the tagboard below.

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ZIM is an alien, as you may have guessed, sent to earth by the Almighty Tallest, leaders of the IRKIN Empire because of their height, to be rid of ZIM because things around him tend to....explode. ZIM disguises himself as a student going to Skool, a very weird, very sitting student, and set's up shop. Unfortunately for ZIM, the planet's formost expert on all things weird and sitting, DIB, finds ZIM out and becomes his eternal torment through relentless pursuit to prove ZIM to be an alien. ZIM's trusty slave/robot is GIR, the computing power of New York City packed into an adorable and spazzy robot with a food fetish and, strangely enough, a tongue. Go fig.